Artist Profile “My Vietnam Residencies” by Mai Nguyen-Long in Issue 28 (March 2017) pages 122-124 Artist Profile 38 Mai Nguyen-Long

Asian Art News (Extended) Review by Kon Gouriotis, Volume 24 Number 3 May/June 2014 (international art magazine published in Hong Kong by Ian Findlay-Brown).

ArtsHub: Beyogmos Review by Kon Gouriotis 31 March 2014; pdf: FNL Kon Gouriotis_ArtsHub Beyogmos Review

Exhibition Footnotes blog by Vienna Del Rosario Parenno;  Art & Test by Mai Nguyen-Long: Beyond the Dog Cosmos 26 April 2014 by Vienna Parenno

Art in the Illawarra: Meet the Artist by Janai Velez; website:; pdf: FNL Janai Velez_Meet the Artist_March2014  31 March 2014

Art in the Illawarra: Aspiring Artists Learn from Experts by Janai Velez; website:; pdf: FNL Janai Velez_Aspiring Artists Learn from Experts_April2014  1 April 2014

East Side FM 89.7 website: Beyogmos online by Geoff Jaeger pdf: FNL Geoff Jaeger_Eastside FM_Beyogmos1 April 2014

East Side FM 89.7  Arts Monday Interviewed by Leah Haynes 24 March 2014 Mai Nguyen-Long with curator Gina Fairley

Illawarra Mercury 1 March 2014 Weekender Cover Story by Jodie Duffy Search for Identity: How Artist Mai Nguyen-Long found a home in the Illawarrapdf: FNL Illawarra Mercury Beyogmos 1 March 2014  Illawarra Mercury online images:

Western Sydney Frontier with Katherine Knight pdf: FNL Katherine Knight_West Sydney Front_Beyogmos 18 March 2014

Art Monthly Artnotes NSW Art Monthly March 2014 Number 267

Artist Profile see 2013 Issue 24 pages 126-7: AP24_126-127 MaiNguyenLong

Paper Girl Wollongong Brittany Carter talks to Mai Nguyen-Long_26Aug2013 Brittany Carter chats to Mai Nguyen-Long 26 August 2013

EDGE OF ELSEWHERE exhibition at 4a Centre for Contemporary Asian Art see COR project, Celebrate-Obliterate-Recreate: an invisible ritual of shared sacrifice, conceived by Mai Nguyen-Long for In Memory of a Name Curatorium (FX Harsono critical forum). Dates of display: 14 Jan – 3 March 2012, 181-187 Hay St, Haymarket. Go to for more information.  See also related Art Monthly article by Helen Fong: HelenFong__ArtMonthly253

Robinson, Macushla, 2014 ‘A community of strangers’ in Edge of Elsewhere 2011-12, Lisa Havila et. al. (ed) Sydney: Campbelltown Arts Centre, 2014, pp 51 – 53.

Generations exhibition at Wollongong City Gallery 2 Dec 2011 – 22 Feb 2012. Curated by John Monteleone. Drift_Mai Nguyen Long 2011 Artist Statement – Drift was new work created by Mai for Generations.

Pham Trung & Bui Nhu Huong 2011, Vietnamese Contemporary Art 1990-2010, ‘Part II: Contemporary Art in Pratice in Vietnam”, pp 16-57, quote; “In June 1996, Mai Nguyen Long (Vietnamese Australian artist) did the first official exhibition of an installation at the Hanoi University of Fine Arts…” p 35.

Green Left Weekly Art auction supports Vietnamese Agent Orange victims Jim McIlroy Sydney August 13, 2012 Issue  934 Australia Green Left Weekly

KUNAPIPI ARTICLE Dr Boitran Huynh-Beattie, Less Seen Art, Made by Vietnamese-Australian Artists, Kunapipi: Journal of Postcolonial Writing and Culture, University of Wollongong, Volume XXXII Number 1-2 2010, pp 147-174. Article related to Mai’s work (cover image): KUNAPIPI Vol XXXII No 1 to 2 2010 See also NAVA publication regarding censorship and the arts.

Switching Shifting Jennifer Lamb OAM catalogue 2011
Jennifer Lamb catalogue essay for Mai’s Shifting at East and West Art February 2011. Exhibited at East & West Art – VIC. Joint show including with Tracy Luff titled “Switching/Shifting”.

True Blue Doggie Morph Dr Ann Proctor catalogue invite 2010
Dr Ann Proctor catalogue essay for True Blue Doggie Morph July 2010. Solo show at NG Art Gallery. Stories East & West directed by William Yang & Annette Shun Wah Director Performance 4A. Review of first season storytelling performance @ Belvoir & Parramatta Riverside.

 Image: Stories East & West @ Belvoir St Theatre February 2011; far left & far right: Directors William Yang Annette Shun Wah; left to right storytellers: Paul Cordeiro, Daphne Lowe Kelly, Sunil Badami, Mai Nguyen-Long, Joy Hopwood

Nam Bang essay Dr Boi Tran Huynh Beattie 2009
Dr Boitran Huynh-Beattie “A Long Journey” Nam Bang! essay
A Casula Powerhouse Project 2009 Flag Sparks Censorship Debate ABC Lateline Reporter John Stewart 21.11.2008 – regarding Pho Dog & Vietnamese Community response.

Images: Pho Dog Blackout @ Breadbox Gallery 2008 by Mai Nguyen-Long; Photos courtesy Merrick Belyea

Mai Nguyen-Long 2008 Pho Dog Blackout wp

Pho Dog Blackout was a response to many reactions to “Pho Dog” such as this one: MemberforWanneroo_English_PhoDogResponse.  See  Pho Dog Blackout Mai Long text 2008 artist response / related statement. Kultour response I Love Pho 220508

Pho Dog was created for I Love Pho an exhibition curated by Cuong Pu Le. Catalogue introduction by Dr Boitran Huynh-Beattie. Published by the Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre, June 2006. 8-17 June 2006 Liverpool Regional Museum & toured to Breadbox Gallery WA and Footscray Community Arts Centre VIC. Pho Dog Fuss by Hoa Pham.
Mission Mongrel Workshop & Exhibition $20,000 City of Melbourne grant auspiced by Multicultural Arts Victoria. See Mongrel Workshops page for more.

WSN Mai Long Feature by Gina Fairley 2008 Gina Fairley World Sculpture News feature article Beyond Stereotypes 2008.

Asian Art Report excerpt Gina Fairley interview pp26-8 2008
Gina Fairley interview Asian Art Report Q1 / 02.08-o4.08.

Image: Hi-5 & Mai Nguyen-Long with her Mission Mongrel Tree: Star Bub & the Kite Kids @ Customs House Sydney courtesy Sydney Children’s Hospital Foundation 2008
Customs House Square Trees for Children. Title of work: Mission Mongrel Presents: Star Bub & the Kite Kids.

Godog Gina Fairley catalogue 2008
Gina Fairley catalogue essay for Godog & the Ascension of Dag Girl June 2008.

Image: Godog & the Ascension of Dag Girl (detail) 2008 Mai Nguyen-Long

A Long Way Home by Biwa Kwan Sept 2008 A Long Way Home (as presented below) by Biwa Kwan Independent Writer 2008 Dag Girl & the Baby in the Box.

Text by Robert Kennedy 2007 Profile on Mai Long by Robert Kennedy 2007

Super Mutts Mai Long text 2007
Super Mutts for Fragile Planet at NG Art Gallery.

Aqua Mutt Kon Gouriotis OAM catalogue 2007
Kon Gouriotis OAM catalogue essay for Aqua Mutt: an Installation with Dag Girl July 2007 “Emptiness, Meaning and the Spaces In-between”.

Aqua Mutt Mai Long_LISTOFWORKS_31July2007_FA2 Aqua Mutt: an Installation with Dag Girl. Collection: Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre.

aqua mutt_Herald Sun

aqua mutt_Incinerator Arts Complex_cover

aqua mutt_Incinerator Arts Complex_info page

aqua mutt_MCV

aqua mutt_Moonee Valley Community News

aqua mutt_Moonee Valley Leader aqua mutt_

MX News cover story

aqua mutt_Political Football Mai @ Ray Hughes Gallery.
Lonely Planet Six Degrees Sydney.


IAVA Talks Judy Bourke & Mai Nguyen-Long at Wollongong Art Gallery

Social Good N“Woman who saved dó: Ensuring the traditional Vietnamese dó paper lasts longer than 800 years” Writer: Marco Ferrarese September 2016

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