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Dear Mai

I would like see more of your ceramic work after the NAS workshop.

Can’t wait.


Submitted on 2016/01/05 at 4:30 pm by Kenneth McLeod

Mai, I’m stunned by the power and beauty of your work. I hope I don’t have to wait too long to see your next exhibition.

Submitted on 2015/12/29 at 9:36 pm by Kenneth McLeod

What an impressive body of work, Mai.
I was introduced to your creative vision at a picnic today with some Vietnamese friends. I met your parents there and your father gave me a glimpse of your work on his phone and aroused my interest to have a better look on my big screen at home. And what a treat it was. I’d love to know when next you’re exhibiting if you wouldn’t mind keeping my email address and letting me know.
My best wishes for a year of new creative adventures in 2016.
Regards, Ken

Submitted on 2015/01/12 at 10:33 am by Katherine Knight

Thanks so much Mai. Enormously interesting and very thoughtful. I’m sorry I didn’t see the George Burchett exhibition, direct, but hope I might get to see Jamie Maxtone-Graham’s. I love your statement “Each viewer can only respond to it in a way loaded with their own personal history and perspectives. Unless we can usurp and overturn that – by sharing stories and experiences, by digging beneath the surface – we are condemned to our own blind spots.” Such a simple, important truth, and you do it so well.

Submitted on 2014/04/07 at 6:30 pm by Ian Howard


Thanks for the great overview of your show. The work just keeps getting stronger and stronger. OK, so Lucienne and I have to factor in a trip to Wollongong before end of May!

With best wishes,

Ian Howard

Submitted on 2012/09/29 at 12:35 am by Kon Gouriotis

Be good to see more of your work.

Submitted on 2012/03/04 at 2:12 pm by Katherine Knight

Peace Pup is a wonderful progession Mai. I’ll look forward to stages of his development. Thank you for the inclusion of Stephen Crittenden’s illuminating story about Boitran.

Submitted on 2011/05/11 at 12:46 pm by Katherine Knight

A fantastic brief overview of your work. Congratulations! I’ll look forward to more. K


names excluded to protect privacy

Participant A: “I really enjoyed the workshop thanks and the guidance you gave me was just the right amount, still allowing me to explore my own creativity but guiding me when needed.  The only thing I would personally like changed is the length of time. It felt like it took a few hours to just get into the creative mode! It would be good if the workshop could be something more like from 10-4 with a lunch break, but still for 2 days.”

Participant B:  “Thank you so much for such an inspirational workshop. You are so generous, not just because you shared your own materials but also because you allowed us to share parts of your personal journey through your own art practice. You have inspired me to delve deeper into my own experiences and have shown me ways that I could make my art say many things about myself without being too revealing. I have spent the past few years exploring personal things which were very difficult to put “onto canvas” so to speak. Firstly, dealing with profound grief (my husband of 34 years died suddenly a while ago) and secondly having to deal with my illness and other personal issues. I found that I could relate your show “Beyogmos” on a certain level in that it showed me, through symbolism and your various layering techniques, that you can lay yourself bare without uncovering what you need to keep to yourself.

I loved every part of the workshop but I think what I enjoyed most was developing my own journey map (on Sunday) after having explored techniques the day before. I also found that having really good paper to work on was a wonderful gift. It was refreshing to be exposed to different mediums (I had never used POSCAS before and am quite intrigued by them now). I also loved the silk you provided, which was really interesting to draw and paint on and has given me some layering ideas.  Your sharing of your artist journal was also invaluable. I don’t think there was anything I did not enjoy. Perhaps the only thing was the fact that time seemed to go by so quickly, but then that can’t be helped especially when you are engrossed in a creative voyage.

I have only spent a little more time on the work I started in the workshop and instinctively know that it will probably take me quite a while to complete. When I do however, I will send you a photo of it. Take care. I will certainly let my artist friends know what a wonderful experience it was and hopefully, they’ll be able to join you on a similar workshop in the future.”

Participant C:  “1. What I liked most: your generosity both of yourself and your art materials and practice – I really related to what you said about how you were trying to be less precious about things as I do the same thing, so what you said about that inspired me; 2. What I liked least: the split over two days, might have been unavoidable but I would have preferred one longer day with a lunch break; 3. Other comments: I feel like I have a better appreciation of collage now, it’s not been a preferred method for me but I really enjoyed what I did in the workshop and look forward to completing it, also good to have the message of “just do something” reinforced, it’s a lesson that seems to need continual re-learning as I find it’s easily forgotten.”

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