http://motherbird.com/hochi.html Ho Chi Minh Poems from Prison (1942?)Translated by Kenneth Rexroth

Dr Pam Scott: Pam Scott in Hanoi 2013: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hnm56VAkpFQ;  http://www.pam-scott.com/ ‘Visiting Vietnam for the first time in 1993 turned out to be a life-changing experience for me. In April 1994, at age 49, I went to live in Hanoi. Eight years later I wrote Hanoi Stories and I’ve been writing about Vietnam ever since.’Emeritus Professor Carlyle A. Thayer Resolving the South China Sea Dispute: Legal Regimes and Realpolitik http://www.scribd.com/carlthayer

Agent Orange Justice: http://www.agentorangejustice.org.au/

Katherine Knight: Passion Purpose Meaning – Arts Activism in Western Sydney has been published by Halstead Press and was launched by David Borger at Parramatta Riverside. See Chapter 29 for background and story relating to my projects Pho Dog (2006) & The Burning of Godog (2009).  Below: Katherine signing books, with grand daughter Freya. Email or phone Katherine for book orders and speaking engagements: knightka@iprimus.com.au; (02) 9630 7426. Individual book price: $29.95.

Katherine explains the book: “How passionate individuals generated critical change by creating opportunities for others in arts and cultural expression across Sydney’s most dynamic region.  A story of inspiration, commitment and determination.”

“This will make a valuable contribution to the history of the development of arts and culture – not just in Western Sydney – but also within Australia.” KIM YEADON, former Minister forWestern Sydney

Entrepreneurial juicer Cuong Phu Le & historian Katherine Knight catching up in Bulli May 2012

Cuong Phu Le 2010 & I Love Pho 2006


2009 Cuong Phu Le’s Juice Bar Nha Trang with wall painting by Mai Nguyen-Long


Cuong Phu Le’s Juice Bar Menu 2009

Portrait by Jeanette Landstedt 2009 http://jeanettelandstedt.com/?page_id=6 Thank you Jeanette!

Mai Long by Jeanette Landstedt 2009








Portrait by Jim Rolon portrait 2009 http://www.jimrolon.com/index.php?/work/feast-for-the-senses/ Thank you Jim!

Dr Boitran Huynh-Beattie:

Dr Boitran Huynh-Beattie 1957-2012. A Memorial was held at Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre on 11 February 2012.

Dr Boitran Huynh-Beattie by Stephen Crittenden. Arts, Culture and Religion Correspondent. The Global Mail. 21.02.2012 http://www.theglobalmail.org/feature/vietnamese-curator-found-the-big-truths-in-small-stories/64/

DIACRITICS Obituary: Dr Boitran Huynh-Beattie (1957-2012)http://diacritics.org/2012/obituary-dr-boitran-huynh-beattie-1957-2012  by Nora Taylor

ASIALINK “In Memory of Boitran Huynh-Beattie” http://www.asialink.unimelb.edu.au/our_work/arts

Mongrel Dragon Crying Mai Nguyen-Long 2012


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