Drift: Bearded Male


08-HR Bearded Male_1_Mai Nguyen-Long 09-HR Bearded Male_2_Mai Nguyen-Long 10-HR Bearded Male_3_Mai Nguyen-Long 11-HR Bearded Male_5_Mai Nguyen-Long 12-HR Bearded Male_6_Mai Nguyen-Long 13-HR Bearded Male_4_Mai Nguyen-Long 14-HR_install detaill bearded male06-Mai NguyenLong Drift_GENERATIONS Wollongong City Gallery12-WPgenerations1_000105-HR_Mai Nguyen-Long_Wrapped07-HR_Mai Nguyen-Long_Drift installation detail217-HR_Mai Nguyen-Long_Drift_installation detail15-HR_Mai Nguyen-Long_Drfit

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