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The 12th Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art news update 28 June 2022

I am incredibly excited and honoured to have been selected to participate in the 12th Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art curated by Kader Attia https://12.berlinbiennale.de/…/artists-of-the-12th…/.

My participation in this project has been made possible by the generous support of the 12th Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art; the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, its arts funding and advisory body; and the NSW Government through Create NSW.

One of my two artworks included in #berlinbiennale12#stillpresent This one is titled Vomit Girl (Berlin Cluster) 2022. Venue: KW Institute for Contemporary Art Berlin. See also Artist Profile Issue 59 article by Đỗ Tường Linh titled If You Could Not Say.

Mai Nguyen-Long 2022 Vomit Girl (Berlin Cluster). Photo credit: Stuart Horstman. Courtesy the artist and Art Atrium.

The second artwork I’ve contributed to the 12th Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art is titled Specimen (Permeate) 2022, informed by repurposed domestic jars, organic matter, and personal effects collected over several decades and from Berlin where I re/made the work after months of exploratory conversation Berlin Biennale curator Kader Attia and team.

Special thanks to Kader Attia, Đỗ Tường Linh from the Berlin Biennale Artistic Team, and Assistant Curator Marie-Sophie Dorsch – and to Gina Fairley who curated the first iteration of this Specimen artwork as part of my Beyogmos solo show at Wollongong Art Gallery in 2014.


Mai Nguyen-Long 2022 Specimen (Permeate). Photo: David Horstman. Courtesy the artist and Art Atrium.
Mai Nguyen-Long 2022 Specimen (Permeate). Photo: David Horstman. Courtesy the artist and Art Atrium.

ArtNews Article:

7 Standout Works at the 2022 Berlin Biennale, From ‘Vomit Girl’ Sculptures to Videos Reflecting on the Vietnamese Diaspora by Emily Watlington, Associate Editor, Art in America, 13 June 2022


News from ARTIST PROFILE magazine social media feed! www.artistprofile.com.au

“For Nguyễn-Long, ‘the recurring vomit motif came from a sense of being erased: having no identity, language, or voice to speak with. There is overwhelming sadness and confusion about how to bridge the dense chasm of exclusionary narratives, misunderstandings, discrimination, rejection, and shame.’ Regardless of this violent and traumatic process, Nguyễn-Long has never stopped finding ways to reconnect with Vietnam and (re)study language . . .”

In our new issue, Đỗ Tường Linh shares an essay on Mai Nguyễn-Long, as she prepares to exhibit at the 12th Berlin Biennale this month. Saskia Wilson’s exclusive portraits of Nguyễn-Long in her studio accompany the essay, which explores the artist’s new and historical works, the significance of clay as a “grounding” material, and the subtle humour of the “Vomit Girl” series.

Find the new issue on news stands, in gallery shops, book stores, and art supply shops now. You can also order it for delivery as part oil subscription packages today at the 🔗 link in bio.

IMAGE: Mai Nguyễn-Long photographed by Saskia Wilson for Artist Profile, 2022″


Issue #59: 

OCTOBER SOLO SHOW AT ART ATRIUM news update 11 May 2022

I am excited to be exhibiting at Art Atrium from 8- 22 October 2022. My solo show will be in tandem with a solo show by William Yang, also at Art Atrium. For more information go to: https://artatrium.com.au/upcoming-exhibitions/ 


Photo credit: Martin Fox. Go to The Vomit Girl Project for more info.

We are all that is vile, and all
That grace. At the arcane hub
Of each rising vortex: Nothing really is.

Then nothing ever is not…

Đỗ Mỹ Thiện [Thien Do/Đỗ Thiện], Into the Caldera, Tweed Valley Winter 2014, courtesy Maree Do, 29 December 2021, poem (excerpt).

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is FNL2-FLYER-MaiNguyen-Long_TheVomitGirlProject_8March2022-953x1024.jpg
Happy Tet drawing 2022


Mai Nguyen-Long in Conversation with Adam Porter


Very excited to have my article Connectivity, Fusion, Revival: Tet Stories and Motifs (pages 4-6) published in the latest issue of TAASA Review, The Asian Arts Society of Australia. Thank you TAASA! Snapshot of TAASA Review cover image and table of contents. Refer to TAASA website for more details:

Talking to the Buffalo 2021 Mai Nguyen-Long

Dong Ho Inspired Printmaking Activity + Introductory Display of Dong Ho Prints. Conceived by Mai Nguyen-Long. Facilitated with assistance from Felix Long, Jasmin Lockwood, and Stuart Horstman. Supported by Sydney Lunar Festival 2020; Vietnam Centre Australia Chapter affiliated project. Special thanks to Hanh Nguyen, Linh Ngoc Le of VNC and Mai Nguyen of INGO. Photos taken by Nguyen Kim Long:

ART ATRIUM NEWS: December 2019 I was lucky to be invited to exhibit with Art Atrium’s Summer Sojourn group show, celebrating the gallery’s tenth anniversary in their grand new Botany address. I got a good vibe from the gallery and family of artists represented, so am very happy to announce that I too am now represented by Art Atrium. I’ve chosen a photo by William Yang for the website profile – William is also represented by Art Atrium (I am in good company😊). Thank you for your support Simon Chan, I’m excited to be starting a new relationship! 11.03.2020 https://artatrium.com.au/ 

Thank you Artist Profile and Kon Gouriotis – it was fabulous working with you;

and many thanks to William Yang for the photo!

Have some fun printing these images from blocks I’ve carved, choosing from a range of coloured paper FREE courtesy Sydney Lunar Festival: one of the activities on offer at my street stall. Happy Tet and Happy Lunar New Year everyone! #SydneyLunarFestival #VietnamCentre #ArtAtrium https://whatson.cityofsydney.nsw.gov.au/events/dong-ho-vietnam-inspired-printmaking-activity

Assistants Fe & Jas helping me prepare for the Dong Ho Vietnam Inspired Printmaking Activity


VG Mai Nguyen-Long 2015, photo courtesy Glenn Locklee, Art Atrium group show 2019 artatrium.com.au

Mai Nguyen-Long: my Mis/alignment painting printed across 16 banners Crown Street Mall Wollongong installed May 2017; The inaugural City Centre Mall Banner Exhibition thanks to Wollongong City Council’s City Centre Activation team and Wollongong Art Gallery

still from my animation currently on display at Wollongong Art Gallery: Beyogmos, Mai Nguyen-Long 2014, HDV digital stills, stop animation, 05:11:00, charcoal drawing: Mai Nguyen-Long; Animation editor: Stuart Horstman; Music: “Diem Xua” by Trinh Cong Son, sung by Khanh Ly

Mai Nguyen-Long 1998 Innersphere (AA16) oil on canvas 186 x 152 cm

Cohabitation 2015 stoneware

FB final v2 mainguyenlong c

25th April 2016 pen drawing Mai Nguyen-Long

FB adj sq FB maixx FNL

True Blue Doggie Morph 2010 papier mache, mixed media Mai Nguyen-Long

Aqua Mutt: an Installation with Dag Girl (2007 Mai Nguyen-Long) Casula Powerhouse collection

Aqua Mutt: an Installation with Dag Girl (2007 Mai Nguyen-Long) Casula Powerhouse collection

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