Have some fun printing these images from blocks I’ve carved, choosing from a range of coloured paper FREE courtesy Sydney Lunar Festival: one of the activities on offer at my street stall. Happy Tet and Happy Lunar New Year everyone! #SydneyLunarFestival #VietnamCentre #ArtAtrium https://whatson.cityofsydney.nsw.gov.au/events/dong-ho-vietnam-inspired-printmaking-activity

Dong Ho Vietnam Inspired Printmaking Activity

Facilitated by Mai Nguyen-Long

Make your own print inspired by Vietnam’s Lunar New Year (Tet) woodblock printing tradition! Tet woodblock prints, each with a significant meaning, decorated the family home during this festival.

Two activities on offer:

(1) Multi-colour woodblock method using contemporary images celebrating the relationship between children and animals designed by Mai Nguyen of Ingo Vietnam;

(2) One-colour method focussing on the rat, adapted from traditional images by Australian artist Mai Nguyen-Long using a contemporary printmaking format with multi-coloured papers.

The activity table will also have an informal display of images introducing a few Dong Ho prints from the facilitator’s collection.

City of Sydney Lunar Festival; Lunar Lanes FREE EVENT; Suitable for children & adults

25 Jan 2020 5-8pm Lunar Lanes; Corner Hay St & Harbour St in Haymarket


Vietnam Centre Australia associated event

Mai Nguyen-Long is represented by Art Atrium

#sydneylunarfestival #vietnamcentre #ingokit #ingowoodblocks #artatrium

Images: Rat Wedding; Fe & Jas assisting preparations

Assistants Fe & Jas helping me prepare for the Dong Ho Vietnam Inspired Printmaking Activity


VG Mai Nguyen-Long 2015, photo courtesy Glenn Locklee, Art Atrium group show 2019 artatrium.com.au

Mai Nguyen-Long: my Mis/alignment painting printed across 16 banners Crown Street Mall Wollongong installed May 2017; The inaugural City Centre Mall Banner Exhibition thanks to Wollongong City Council’s City Centre Activation team and Wollongong Art Gallery

still from my animation currently on display at Wollongong Art Gallery: Beyogmos, Mai Nguyen-Long 2014, HDV digital stills, stop animation, 05:11:00, charcoal drawing: Mai Nguyen-Long; Animation editor: Stuart Horstman; Music: “Diem Xua” by Trinh Cong Son, sung by Khanh Ly

Mai Nguyen-Long 1998 Innersphere (AA16) oil on canvas 186 x 152 cm

Cohabitation 2015 stoneware

FB final v2 mainguyenlong c

25th April 2016 pen drawing Mai Nguyen-Long


FB adj sq FB maixx FNL

True Blue Doggie Morph 2010 papier mache, mixed media Mai Nguyen-Long


Aqua Mutt: an Installation with Dag Girl (2007 Mai Nguyen-Long) Casula Powerhouse collection

Aqua Mutt: an Installation with Dag Girl (2007 Mai Nguyen-Long) Casula Powerhouse collection

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  1. Kon says:

    Dear Mai

    I would like see more of your ceramic work after the NAS workshop.

    Can’t wait.


  2. Natalie West says:

    Hello, I was shopping today at High Point and saw a sign showing your dog art.
    I would like to talk to you about it with a view to stocking some items please?
    Many thanks and I look forward to hearing from you.

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